Good day to you all. Welcome on these pages. I’m in the process of moving my travel logs form my old server running in somewhere in the basement. And hopefully I will also have time to add some new content. You can follow my exploration of New Zealand or check my travel logs (in French)



After breakfast, we take the train to the centre of Johannesburg. We don’t have a precise plan and want to just walk around, but the surroundings of the station are quite sketchy, so we decide to use the hop on hop off bus to get a tour of the city. Even though Johannesburg exists because …

Facts or fiction

From our balcony, we can see the plume of mist from Victoria Falls, and that’s precisely where we are headed, but not before having taken a copious breakfast. On our way to the falls, we have to fend off a few vendors who want to sell us old Zimbabwean dollars, with surreal amounts in the …