Caprivi strip

Today is mostly a driving day, going from Etosha to the Caprivi strip. We start early in the morning, first going south-east and then north-east, until the border with Angola. This region is definitely more populated than what we’ve seen previously. There are villages next to the road, children and cattle. We drive east in the narrow band of Namibian territory squeezed between Botswana and Angola, until we reach Divundu, on the Okavango river. Our lodge is located on the bank of the river, and we have a beautiful view from our room. Despite the long drive, we arrive just in time for the sundowner cruise, which we join. We see plenty of birds, a few hippos, and a small crocodile (probably Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil). We stop at Popa falls, which should be called rapids rather than  falls. We admire the sunset on the river, and come back to the lodge for dinner.

Boat cruise on the Okavango river

Coming back to our room we find a dead bird on one of the chairs in front of it and wonder what happened. We notice that with the angle of the setting sun, the landscape reflects perfectly on the large window of the room. And indeed upon a close inspection of the window, we notice a mark of impact.


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