Mahango reserve

We have a quiet morning with a nice breakfast and then some reading on the deck overlooking the river. We even try the swimming pool, even though the water was as cold as in the previous lodges.

Elephant in Mahango reserve

In the afternoon, we leave for a game drive in the nearby Mahango reserve. We start by driving to a waterhole and are lucky enough to find it occupied by a large group of elephants. After a while, some of them decide to leave, walking right in front of us.

Observing water buffaloes in the distance

We then drive along the river, with a stop at the foot of a giant Baobab. We see our first water buffaloes, another member of the big 5 group. They are very far though and we need the binoculars to look at them. Other animals we see around include hippos, a huge crocodile, baboons, antelopes and giraffes.

A giraffe in the sunset, Mahango reserve


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