After breakfast, we take the train to the centre of Johannesburg. We don’t have a precise plan and want to just walk around, but the surroundings of the station are quite sketchy, so we decide to use the hop on hop off bus to get a tour of the city. Even though Johannesburg exists because of — and owes its fortune to — the gold rush, there is nothing glittering about it, and it looks rather raw from an architectural perspective.

Our bus driver is buying eggs or a drink…

We take time to visit constitution hill, that was used both as a fort and a prison. That is where Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were incarcerated. There is interesting information about life during the apartheid, and we can see pictures of the young Mandela, that contrast the respectable-looking older gentleman image that comes to mind when thinking about him.

We are more used to seeing pictures of Mandela and Gandhi when they are older…

Towards the end of the afternoon, we go back to the airport, and this marks the beginning of our long flight back to New Zealand.

Testing the locking mechanism of the cell.

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