Leaving Zimbabwe

We wake up early to go back to the falls at sunrise. From the hotel garden we can see the plume of mist against the background of the pink sky.

Victoria Falls at sunrise

After a short walk, we are back at the falls, and we select the viewpoint which we think will lead the best view. We are not disappointed, and seeing the falls at sunrise was well worth paying the hefty entrance price to the park. Back at the Hotel we eat our breakfast, and it is already time to go to the airport for a flight to Johannesburg.

Victoria Falls at sunrise

We arrive in Johannesburg at the end of the afternoon, and take the train to our hotel. We walk around and get lost in a huge mall, designed so that you don’t find the exit.

Nelson Mandela Square. This is the small version of a much larger statue located a few meters on the right. The small one is intended for visually impaired persons, who can touch the statue.

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